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DCA Education

School / College Education at DCA

Expert professors of high calibre from reputed Colleges and private resources are deputed to teach the students. The following are taught regularly at the ratio of 5-6 periods per day inside Campus. The Cadets are only sent to College for attending the practical periods

  • College syllabuses in science stream and necessary revisions are made from time to time.
  • Pre-coaching/preparation for NDA/NA and other competitive Exams are also carried out by the professors.
  • Firing practice
  • Drill parade
  • Obstacle activities
  • Group Discussion
are imparted by trained Instructors of the army.

Motivation and Orientation to Armed Forces

Motivation training is of utmost importance. Cadets will be given exposure to life in the armed forces through a series of lectures, training films, and visits to nearby units / establishments. Basic military history will also be covered with emphasis on the valour displayed by our officers and soldiers. Talks by decorated officers will be organised.

Coaching classes are organized every day besides routine college hours. Maximum attention and all possible assistance are extended to improve the instinct power of expression in English. Necessary care and arrangements are made for their group discussion/debates, Quiz competition, curriculum activities and out-door excursions. Therefore, the cadets become fully confident and self complacent to meet any such challenges happily and enthusiastically in their lives.

Developing Leaders with Integrity

The aim of training will be to develop leaders with Integrity. Cadets will be introduced to various aspects of leadership at junior leader levels and given adequate opportunities to develop these qualities in the routine running of the institute.

Communication Skills: It will be mandatory for all cadets to communicate in English at all times. Emphasis will be laid on extempore speaking and group discussions. Debates and Declamation competitions will also be organized.

Soft Skills: Cadets will be taught table manners; dress code; interaction with seniors and peers; interaction with ladies; importance of punctuality; time management; general awareness; extracurricular activities.

Physical Training

Physical fitness is an utmost and inescapable requirement for officers in the Defense Services. Therefore, maximum stress and time are given for morning PT, Drill, Obstacle training, and Yoga classes as a routine through-out the year.

Sports / Games

The Cadets of DCA plays Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Cricket, Hockey & Boxing as per their choice. All sports equipments and broad play grounds are made available in the campus. Afternoon sports are played after completion of extra periods.

Health Care

Quarterly medical check-up in respect of cadets are being carried out by Doctor. Demo lectures regarding awareness on Aids control and malaria precautions are also organized. Provision of a First aid is being improvised inside the Campus. Serious cases if any are immediately evacuated for further treatments at Govt. Medical College and other private hospital as per the situation.


E-Classes are conducted on projector. CD's, DVD's, are available in the library for each Class with variety of subjects.