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Outdoor Training

Outdoor Activities

The aim of outdoor training will be to ensure that cadets are in good physical condition to undertake the rigours of training at NDA. DCA will encompass the following:-

(a) Physical Training.

(b) Sports

(c) Drill.

(d) Firing.

Physical Training. Cadets will be introduced to PT in a graduated manner so as to minimize the possibility of sustaining injuries / stress fractures. The aim of PT will be to achieve the standards required in the first year of NDA training (second term tests).

Sports. Every cadet will be required to excel in at least one troop game (Hockey, Football, Basketball and Volleyball) and one officer game (Squash, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Riding.) All cadets will be exposed to novices boxing.

Drill. The aim of doing Drill will be to improve individual posture, turnout and smartness of movements.

Firing Training. All cadets will be taught the basics of musketry and firing.