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Rules & Regulations

Instruction For Cadets & Parents


  • Discipline is the foundation on which any educational institution based upon, as future citizens of the country are also trained to serve the mother land, it is incumbent on students to develop self-discipline to the highest degree. It should be the endeavour of every student to observe all rules and regulations as a matter of habit rather than as fear of punishment.
  • To ensure that all students are made aware of the various nuisances of discipline, its effect on one's personality and character, there is a need to lay down certain guidelines and restrictions for the students in the form of Code of Conduct that needs to be followed by all, for developing self-discipline to the highest degree.


  • It is necessary for those parents who intends to seek admission of their Child/Ward in Defence Career Academy (hereinafter called as Academy) be prepare mentally that their child will live independently away from them. He will also learn to live & interact with other same-age group children independently is essential for his future career in the modern era.
  • Guide your child/ward to develop his habits of independent sleeping, feeding, and toileting etc. Built up his self-confidence to live independently so he will feel comfortable after admission in Academy.
  • The Defence Career Academy (Residential) is educationally planned for independent living experience of child/ward. It is not a place where you pay and buy services. But, in true sense it is your Child's/Ward's Second home where he spends near about 10 months in a year to build up his academical, physical and all round career which requires for preparation of Competitive Defence / Civil Services Examination as an essential ingredient for effective stay in the school.


The students shall obey the following conduct rules

  • Set highest standards of courtesy, personal conduct, attitude and discipline.
  • Be properly turned out at all times, according to the dress regulations prescribed by the Academy.
  • Be punctual on all occasions and for all parades/periods/ meals /self-study etc.
  • Maintain good attitude, discipline and be obedient to the rules, regulations, orders and instructions passed by the Director / Principal or on his behalf or with his concurrence by their immediate superiors.
  • Report instantly any act of dishonesty, fraud, negligence and infringement of orders, or impropriety of conduct, committed by other student or a group of students.
  • Be dignified, polite and temperate in speech, and behaviour.
  • Pay compliments to seniors and meticulously return compliments paid to your juniors. (h) Make every effort to prevent theft and report the same immediately.
  • Be sympathetic and patient to the weak students. (j) Remain physically fit to play all types of games.
  • Every student must have high regard, respect and love for their motherland.
  • Always to take care of property, material or equipment provided by the academy for personal use.


To engender and enhance discipline among our students we request you to adhere to the following rules:

  • Warden has right to scrutinize all the correspondence / parcels sent or received by the student.
  • Tucks/outside eatable/pickles/health drinks/Choco's/chewing gums/junk food are completely banned in the school. School strictly does not allow carrying or postage couriers of any of these items. Similarly school also does not allow buying of these items during outings for its latter use in the hostel.
  • Boys must have short and middle length hair, fancy or dyed hair is NOT allowed.
  • Students are NOT allowed to wear beards and moustaches. Use of any kind of facial hair/hair gels/hair creams/perfume is prohibited.
  • Students will be allowed to wear home cloths/coloured cloths only during Diwali celebration and his/her birthday. Beyond that the student has to strictly be in prescribed uniform (School uniforms/games uniform/kurta pyjama) at all times.
  • Expensive parties to celebrate birthdays are not allowed. Only toffees can be distributed with the permission of the concern person of the Academy/College and School.
  • If any Cadet willingly, intentionally got damage or theft of school property or other's property will be regarded as a break of School/Hostel rules and the student will be fined by Academy/College/School Authorities.


    * Leave will not be sanctioned to the students for the following reasons.
  • During the Examination period
  • On the illness of relatives.
  • Rather than summer and Diwali Vacation.

  • * Leave will be granted for two days only once in a year, apart from the journey time for the following reasons.
  • To attend the marriage of own brothers/sisters or that of parent's brother's or sister's Son / Daughter (Wedding card should be attached to the leave application)
  • To offer condolences on the demise of nearest / blood relatives.
  • Leave will be granted by the Director / Principal on written request or telephonic request in case of sickness, emergency from the parents themselves and no one else.
Note: Communications made through Cadet or any third person cannot be entertained.


  • Fees are to be paid in two installments i.e. (50% of total fees at the time of admission and remaining 50% before the Diwali Festival). If fee is not paid within prescribed period, fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be imposed but, even then, in default of non-payment, the name of the student will be struck off from the roll and will sent back to home.
  • Alternate arrangement, if candidate desirous to adopt facility of re-admission, it will be the sole consideration & decision of Authority of Academy/College/School, subject to condition on availability of seat at the relevant time then only re-admission can be considered after.
  • payment of Rs. 5000/- towards RE-ADMISSION FEES is possible.
  • Fee once deposited will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • The Academy/College/School reserve the right to struck out the name of a student from the Roll or prohibit him/her from appearing for any examination including external examinations for non-payment of fees and other dues before the commencement of such examinations.
  • All the dues of the fees be paid on or before 31st December of the academic year.
Therefore, you are hereby requested to ensure that fees must be deposited within prescribed period of limit to avoid undue constraints.


  • By Demand Draft of any Nationalized Bank infavour of MVKP's DCA Aurangabad, Payable at Aurangabad.
  • Payments can be made by NEFT or RTGS to any of the following accounts.
  • Payments can be deposited by Challan, the Copy of the Challan is available on our Website http//, download the same and duly filled it by all means and Deposit the amount in the following accounts
    * Bank of Baroda (Main) Aurangabad, Maharashtra
      Current Account number:04600200000556
      MICR CODE: 431012003
    [Note: Underlined in IFSC Code BARB0AURANG. denotes a Numeric ZERO]

  • Candidates who transfer amounts electronically, are advised to submit Transaction details indicating Cadet's Name, Roll Number, Address and Bank details by Email to: and send a copy of receipt to Academy by post & a message to be sent or informed on Mobile No. 9168270007 along with its details
  • All fees are to be paid in time either by DDs. rather than cash.
  • * Cheque payment will not be accepted.


  • The complete medical record of the child/ward must be furnished for perusal at the time of admission duly signed by competent Medical Officer. The medical report that is submitted must invariably contain all the relevant medical information relating to your child/ward.
  • All medicine brought by the students from home must be handed over to the House Master/ Warden along with prescription, and it should be taken by the students under supervision of the Warden.
  • The Academy/College/School authority reserve the right to refer a student to any Doctor/Specialist for medical treatment. In case of emergency where the child has to be hospitalized or operated, the school will make necessary arrangements to contact the parent, but in the meanwhile, any act done on the basis of the recommendation made by the Doctor, all Conveyance/Transportation/Traveling/Medical expenses/charges will be borne by the parent later on.
  • Parents/Guardian must report if the student has infected by any infectious disease during the holidays and whether he has received any treatment on this account.
  • If the child gets infected from an infectious disease or any other medical attention in the campus, the parents / guardians must report to campus immediately on receipt of information. If no action is taken by the parent, the school will take necessary action to drop the Cadet at his home by the expenses of the parent/guardian.
  • The Academy/College/School will provide first aid, but it will not be held responsible for any untoward incidents/ mishap accidents despite its best efforts. This applies also to all accidents
which may occur in the science-laboratories, workshops, sports fields, gymnastics, boxing, rock climbing, tracking, mountaineering, Microlight flying, Para sailing, swimming, educational tours or journeys to and fro from the Academy / College / School.


  • Parents can visit their ward/s only on 4th Sunday of a month, however, when the school opens or reopens after the break/vacation.
  • No visit is permitted on the First Sunday in that month also when the examinations are in progress.
  • Under any circumstance the parents cannot met their ward directly. Only after obtaining permission from Authority / Principal / Warden, students will be permitted to meet parents in the main academic block or outdoor.
  • Parent/Guardian is NOT permitted to enter the student's dormitories of hostel.
  • Frequent visits / outings are strictly prohibited since it interferes with the daily routine and academic performance of the students.
  • Parents/Local Guardians may visit their wards in the Visitor's room. Parents are not allowed to meet their ward anywhere else.
  • Security Guard on duty at the Main Gate may prohibit cadet/student from leaving the Campus without prior permission of authority. He will keep record in a register of visitors entering the Academy / College/ School premises to meet hostel Cadet.


  • If my ward leaves the school campus without permission, the Academy/College/School, then authorities may take appropriate action of lodging of complaint with the concern Police Station and I don't have any right to ask any question and raise any objection against the authorities of Academy/College/School for the same. The Academy/College/ School will not be responsible for any mishap happening in such circumstances. My ward may be consider for the re-admission only after satisfactory explanation in writing from me and my ward, for leaving the campus without permission and after paying a fine of Rs. 5000/-. Re-admission of my ward will be at the discretion of the Principal and Director of DCA.
  • Video i-Pods, any i-Pods with screen/PSPs are not allowed.
  • No valuables like gold chains, rings, transistors, personal stereo systems etc. are to be given to the student and that the Academy / College / School will not be responsible for the loss of any such valuables.
  • No any type of cell phone (Mobile) is to be given to the students. Any Cell phone (Mobile) given and found in possession of the student it will be confiscated and a fine of Rs.3000/-will be imposed.