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Rules for DCA Cadets


All cadets in the defence career academy are encouraged to follow correct military discipline at all times by their coaches. Personal turn-out and conduct of cadets are highly valued being a part of basic discipline in Defence.


The Director DCA, is the sole authority to rusticate any cadet and withdraw his name from the roll on any one of the following reasons provided they intimate two months in advance:-

  • If any cadet remains sick for prolonged period and considered physically unfit hence unable to carry out daily routine of institution.
  • If a cadet fails to secure minimum 60% of marks in both the tests/ examination conducted by DCA and school/college.
  • If a cadet fails to maintain DCA discipline or indulge in misconduct activities.
  • Incase Mess/Hostel fees and educational fees of DCA are not paid in time by his parents.
  • On own request on some extremely compassionate ground.
    Please Note

    In between mid-term voluntary withdrawal of the cadet by his parents/guardian will necessarily invite complete payment of fees as penalty for that academic session. Also, once withdrawn from the academy will not further entitle the candidate for re-admission on any grounds or circumstances.

  • Complete fees of that academic session have to be paid on/before every 15th of succeeding month. If fees not paid as mentioned in time, then the cadet runs the risk of dismissal from the academy rolls.