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SSB Interview

The cadets have to face the Services Selection Board once he successfully qualifies the NDA, NA , CME, INS Shivaji written Examinations. Qualifying the SSB is the mettle list for all the cadets who have successfully qualified the written test. To prepare the students in this, we undertake them on following lines :-

  • Personality Development Classes
  • OLQ (Officers Like Qualities Classes)
  • Psychological tests
  • GTO (Ground Testing Officer) tests.
  • Method to face Interview

This enables the cadets in developing self confidence and attaining all qualities of leadership. In fact, the aim of our teaching method provides broad based education to widen horizons and make the cadets capable of understanding and tackling of problems that may confront them in their future career of service. The assets and achievements are also equally shared by them in all other competitive examinations with the aim of certainty and success.

A vast area of training ground with built up obstacles is made available inside the DCA Campus. The Cadets who qualify in NDA - NA, CME written examinations, are trained at the BRAVE LAND DCA CAMPUS for carrying out pre - course training to face the SSB Interviews.