About Infrastructure

DCA Kindles with your Spirits- The Infrastructure of the girl's college is spread across 10 acres of huge area. For Your Surprise, DCA's Campus is the 1st in Maharashtra with this huge area.

Along with its area, the campus is also famous for its separate residential building for girls which has all the safety assured and the security that contains 100% active CCTV's and watchmen. A well-trained lady staff is present to train the cadets excellently. A huge space of the infrastructure is utilized for the physical training of the cadets.

The Campus of DCA is well-equipped with all the SPORTS AND GAMES facilities needed for a child's personal physical development.

The expertly developed building is designed to bring the most of the students' talent with all the basic facilities made available like-


Hostel of Defence Career Academy Aurangabad


Hostel facilities are available for students coming from different parts of the country. Cadets are accommodated in spacious, comfortable rooms in quiet environments conducive for studying and rest. Each house in a hostel is under the care of a warden who offers excellent environments for living and learning cadets.


The cadets are accommodated in comfortable rooms and provided with the following furniture’s & equipments

  • One Bed
  • Matress & Pillow
  • Locker
  • Ceiling Fan and tube light

Periodical test also conducted for time to time. in case any student fail to secure 60% marks, in DCA and college examination will not be permitted to continue his further study and stay in DCA Campus.

Hostel Accomdation in Defence career Academy Aurangabad

Library Facility available at Defence Career Academy Aurangabad for Cadets Studies


The DCA has its own well equipped The DCA has a well-organized library comprising of an electic collection of books on various subjects which includes books for competitive exams. Cadets can avail this facility in their leisure time and read books on military services, academic syllabus books, novels and story books etc.

Clothing and Toiletry

Every cadet must be in possession of kit, clothing and toiletry items during the tenture of their stay at DCA campus. These items will be provided by the parent/ guardian of the cadets, list of which will be provided along with the joining instructions.

Clothing and Toiletry

Wet Canteen/ Cafeteria facility at Defence Career Academy Aurangabad for Cadets Studies

Wet Canteen/ Cafeteria

There is a wet canteen facility for all cadets. They can buy essential items from the canteen within the campus. Refreshment facility is also equipped for the visitors.


These facilities are available for all the cadets inside DCA campus. Modern Machine for washing , Drying & Pressing clothes is set up in the campus which delivers clothes & uniform in a week

Laundery service available at Defence career academy in aurangabad


Cadets are taken out for educational tours to Army institutions (NDA, AFMC, INS SHIVAJI, AF BASE, MIRC Ahmednagar) and historical sites/ Picnic points (Singhgad Fort,Devgiri Fort, Shegaon- Anand Sagar, Mhaismal etc.) once in a year. Expenditure involved in this regard is to be met from their own pocket money.

Excursions of cadets at Defence Career Academy in Aurangabad

club and society at Defence Career Academy in Aurangabad

Clubs and Societies

Every girl is encouraged to join at least one club / society as per her aptitude and interests. The clubs and societies which enable the cadets to pursue hobbies and interests are as follows:-

  • Health Club
  • Shooting Club
  • Arts and Crafts Club
  • Nature Club
  • Music Club
  • Cyber Club
  • Drawing & Painting Club

Educational Aids.

The School / college has adequate IT equipments consisting computer labs, advanced E-learning softwares and other tools to make our students IT saavy.

Educational Aids. at Defence Career Academy in Aurangabad

Cadets are provided with nutritious and balanced diet in Defence Career Academy Aurangabad

Nutritious Food

There is a cadet mess inside the campus. It provides a well balanced palatable & nourishing diet. The daily menu invariably includes verities of food and taste. Special foods are provided on festivals. Only vegetarian food is provided. The following meals are offered in a day and a wholesome menu is prepared for every week by the Messing Committee comprising of Warden and Cadets’ Representatives.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Tea & Snacks
  • Dinner

Medical & Health Care

Provision of a medical clinic called academy infirmary is being brought-up inside the campus. Serious cases if any, are immediately evacuated for further treatments to Govt. Medical college and hospital or private hospitals in Aurangabad.

Medical facilities for normal sickness are available inside the Campus. In case of any emergency cases, patient is evacuated to any one of the nearest and diagnostic hospitals for further treatment. However, all expenditures in this regard will be boorned by the parents Quarterly medical check-up of cadets are being carried out by a residential doctor. Demo lectures regarding awareness on AIDS control and malaria precautions are also conducted by the experience medical staff at every quarter endings.

Health Checkup of cadets at Defence Career Academy in Aurangabad

Music facility is available for cadets in Defence Career Academy Aurangabad

Music Room

For the recreation and holding good concentration music facility is provided to DCA cadet in there leisure time as per planning from music department. various instruments are provided and teach them under the guidance of experts.

Adventure Sports

In addition to the above, participation in Adventure Sports ie. Para-sailing, Paragliding, Rafting & Trekking etc. are projected from time to time

Adventorous Sports for Cadets in Defence Career Academy Aurangabad