Defence Career Academy Cadet Pledge

Cadet Pledge

Dedicate myself to the task of upholding the ideals that have gone into the making of this great Institution of which I am proud member.

I reiterate my firm commitment to the values and virtues that form the very basis of the Corps of Cadets and also the Armed Forces of India.

I promise to be fully dedicated to all aspects of my training here and also to adhere, at all times, to a Code of Conduct, befitting my future role as an officer and gentleman in the service of the Nation. To that end, I shall not lie, cheat or steal and it will be my earnest endeavor to be sincere, hardworking and scrupulously fair.

DCA Pledge

O ‘God’ the creator of universe,
Please help me to become an honest, upright sincere, physically fit and mentally tough person.

O Lord, please give me the courage to fight against evil forces and for initiative to help weak and noble thoughts.

I promise to work hard in my academics.
I will be a good, obedient, attentive cadet of DCA.
I pledge to become an officer in the Indian armed forces and other honorable professions.
I will always conserve food, water, electricity and environment.
I will always follow the rules and regulations of DCA.

Defence Career Academy DCA Cadet Pledge