Short Service Commission (Non - Technical)

Educational Qualification

Graduation from Recognized University.

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SSC Non Technical 02 Apr 1993 to 01 Apr 1999 02 Aug 1994 to 01 Aug 2000 02 Aug 1995 to 01 Aug 2001 02 Aug 1996 to 01 Aug 2002

SSB Interview

A) Stage - 1 : Testing

  1. Screening - Screening process is to pick up some potential candidates from all those who have reported for the particular entry.
  2. Verbal and Non - Verbal Test - Nothing hard, to be true, doesn't need any preparation too. But it is always good to go well prepared, you can check some verbal and non-verbal sample questions. After this test you will get some rest and later proceed for PPDT.
  3. PPDT - PPDT consists of story writing and discussion. You will be shown a picture for 30 secs, later you have to write a story based on the picture you have seen in 3 mins, after that, you will be divided into sub groups of 14 - 15 members, firstly each candidates will narrate his / her story which is followed by the group discussion on the picture, among the group members. You can find more details here. Keep in mind that PPDT is the most important part which helps you to clear screening.

B) Stage - 2 : Testing

  1. Psychological Test - It is a battery of projective tests, all tests are used to check the psychological suitability of the candidate to be an officer. Candidates are required to write their responses based on the particular test. Here the time limit is very crucial, so you are required to write your first response in time.
  2. Thematic Apperception Test [TAT] - You will be shown 11 pictures in which last picture is will be a blank slide, each picture will come just for 30 seconds and then disappear, after that you will get 4 minutes time to write the story based on that picture. After 4 mins another picture will come for 30 seconds and same process will be followed till last slide {blank slide }.
  3. Word Association Test [WAT] - You will be shown 60 words back to back, each word will remain on the screen for 15 secs, in 15 secs you are required to write a sentence which comes in your mind first after reading that word. Likewise you have to write 60 words continuously without any pause in between.
  4. Situation Reaction Test [SRT] - You will get a booklet with 60 situations written on it, you are required to write your responses based on those 60 situations, time allotted will be 30 mins.
  5. Self Description Test [ SD] - You are required to write opinion about you from your parents, friends, teachers, yourself and thing you would like to develop in future. 15 minutes time will be allotted.

C) Stage - 3 : GTO

This also has a series of outdoor task, the main aim of this task is to judge your qualities during group performance, remember most of the task in this series are group task, you are required to support the group with best of your qualities and not to compete with them in any manner.