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Syllabus of Std 11

Syllabus of Std 11th

Entrance Exam in Respect of NDA is Based on the Syllabus of SSC Board Maharashtra State.
The Time Allotted for Exam is 2:30 Hrs. only.

Paper Pattern

Sr. No. Subject No. of Questions Marks Allotted
Question Paper Part I
1. Mathematics
a) Algerbra 40 40
b) Geometry 35 35
Question Paper Part II
2. English 25 25
3. Science I 10 10
4. Science II 10 10
5. History 05 05
6. Geography 05 05
7. Indian Polity 10 10
8. Current Affairs 10 10
Question Paper Part III
9. Interview & Communication Skills 50 50
Total Marks 200 200

Syllabus in Details

Question Paper Part I
  1. Mathematics
    1. Algebra – Linear Equations in two variable, Highest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple of polynomials, Rational algebraic expression, Quadratic equations, Binary numbers, Arithmetic Progression, Probability, Statistics, Installments, Sales tax and Income tax, Shares
    2. Geometry – Similarity, Theorem of Pythagoras, Circle – Tangent, Circle – Arc, Geometric Constructions, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry
Question Paper Part II
  1. English
    1. Spotting Errors
    2. Vocabulary
      1. Synonyms
      2. Antonyms
    3. Comprehension
    4. Spelling test
  2. Science
    1. Part I – Classification of Elements, Electrolysis, Strength of Solutions, Current electricity, Effects of Electric Current, Energy Sources, Types of Energy, Power, Sound, Heat, Light, Modern Physics
    2. Part II – Metals and Nonmetals, Compounds of Metals and Nonmetals, Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, Food and Food Adulteration, Nutrients, Food Spoilage and Wastage, Diseases and Disorders – I, Diseases and Disorders – II, Dietary Deficiency Diseases, Diseases due to over intake of some Nutrients, Human Health and Hygiene, Biotechnology
  3. History & Civics
    1. History – American War of Independence, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Western Imperialism, World war I, Russian Revolution, Rise of Dictatorship in Europe, World War II, Emancipation of Asia and Africa, International Organisations, World after World War II
    2. Civics – Union Legislature, Union Executive Judiciary, Urban Local Government, Rural Local Government : Panchayati Raj
  4. Geography - India : Resources, Human Resources, Water Resources, Forest Resources, Land Resources : Land Use, Land Resources : Agriculture, Animal Resources, Mineral Resources, Energy Resources, Industries, (A) Transport, (B) Communication and Trade, Practical Geography
  5. General Knowledge & Current Affairs
    1. Pertaining to India, Maharashtra and other States, on Sports, Defence, Politics etc.
Question Paper Part III
  1. Interview & Communication Skills - General Awareness and Mental Alertness will be tested. Candidates may be asked to Furnish Family Backgrounds Including Personal Bio-Data too.